Introducing MeBoxx


Summer 2015 witnessed the exciting launch of MeBoxx. “But what is MeBoxx?” we hear some of you shout. Well, you’re in the right place. Below we outline the MeBoxx service. We have a short, entertaining video for you and of course, you need to see some live MeBoxx profiles so they are here too.

Call this your introduction to MeBoxx.

What is MeBoxx?


MeBoxx is an exciting ‘professional' profiling platform for the UK Talent and Promotional Staff Industry. MeBoxx creates and hosts your very own online profile, presenting all your vital information and content with one simple personalised URL (link). A MeBoxx profile helps you stand up tall and shout

All MeBoxx profiles are stored in a sophisticated, interactive database where agents, agencies and clients can soon search for the talent that they need. Which could be you.

Meet Danielle

Danielle is an actor, dancer and brand ambassador who is applying for promotional work. She needs to promote herself. Does this sound familiar? Our short (just 1 minute 46 seconds), animated video starring Danielle explains absolutely everything you need to know about the MeBoxx service.

Warning: If you press PLAY below we must inform you that you may may feel a sudden rush of excitement. Other side effects felt within just 2 short minutes may include a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness combined with a sudden urge to create a free MeBoxx profile.

View Profiles

Of course you want to see some MeBoxx profiles in action. MeBoxx profiles are device responsive so they display differently on a smartphone or tablet to how they display on the larger screen of a laptop or PC. Please do try to view the profiles on a larger screen, as this is how agents, clients and agencies will view your profile.

Check out the MeBoxx profiles below.


Daniela Finley

Model, Actor & Singer

Daniela's Profile

Chris Chandler

Actor, Entertainer, Singer & Brand Ambassador

Chris’s Profile

Chelsey Foster

Actor, Dancer, Singer & Brand Ambassador

Chelsey’s Profile

Julie Dell

Brand Ambassador & Face Painter

Julie’s Profile

Richard David-Caine

Actor, Entertainer & Comedy Sketch

Richard’s Profile

Rebecca Shepherd

Actor, Entertainer, Brand Ambassador

Rebecca’s Profile

Joseph Elliot

Actor, Entertainer & Presenter

Joseph's Profile

Clare Sloane

Actor, Singer & Presenter

Clare's Profile

Emily Colclough

Actor, Dancer, Model & Brand Ambassador

Emily's Profile

Paul Metcalfe

Actor, Entertainer & Presenter

Paul's Profile

Franka Stokes

Actor, Model & Brand Ambassador

Franka's Profile

Lauren C Moore

Actor, Dancer & Brand Ambassador

Lauren's Profile

Why MeBoxx?

Well, there is no doubt that the internet is a great thing and social media is certainly no exception. Without it where would we be? Our thumbs would certainly be a lot less busy. Where else could an agent, client or agency reach out to thousands of suitable candidates for a promotional job or a casting opportunity with just a few clicks of the mouse?

But the pool of talent available is now vast. You have probably noticed that positions get snapped up quickly. So how can you stand out? How can you promote yourself better? How can you ensure that you jump up high above the rest. Or put simply, how do you prove your worth and show that you are perfect for the job or role advertised?

Don’t be overlooked, be noticed. MeBoxx gets you noticed.

Free Profile

Nobody likes to take a risk and we don’t expect you to start here today. That is why your MeBoxx profile design is absolutely free. Just register, login and start your free profile design. Only when you have finished your profile design is it decision time and it could go one of two ways.

  1. You love your profile. Well, that’s great news. You may now subscribe which will immediately push your profile live on your very own personalised URL. This link is you new best friend. No more lengthy emails or attachments needed. Promote yourself fully with one simple, personalised URL.

  2. You don’t love your profile. We are sorry to hear that but we know that MeBoxx isn’t for everyone. Thanks for giving it a try. Just log out of MeBoxx and all you have lost is a little of your time time. What's the old proverb? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

     CREATE PROFILE Create your FREE MeBoxx profile now.