Privacy Policy

Privacy of your information

The MeBoxx website collects personal information about you throughout your use of the services and the web site. Information includes but is not limited to your registration data and information relating to your use of the MeBoxx website.

By registering on the MeBoxx website you agree that we may use this information to assist us to provide the services to you, for internal research purposes, to verify your identity and for promoting and marketing MeBoxx products and services to you.

Once subscribed to the MeBoxx service - you can log in and access and / or correct your personal information at any time.

Your Email Address

Your email address is used to identify your membership and to sign in to the website.

Once you have registered with MeBoxx you may receive update emails, containing information such as (but not limited to) account updates, planned improvement to our services or information about MeBoxx features.

You can unsubscribe from our email updates or newsletter by using the unsubscribe link provided in the email, alternatively you can contact us via the Contact Us page within the website and inform us that you would not like to receive email communication.

Your Mobile Phone Number

MeBoxx may from time to time send out relevant SMS updates to the mobile number you have provided. All contact details will be securely stored. It will not be shared with any third parties.

Your Contact Information

The MeBoxx service allows you to display your contact information on your profile. You may choose whether or not to display this information via the ‘contact’ tab. Furthermore you can choose / edit the contact information that is displayed at anytime once you have subscribed to the MeBoxx service.

MeBoxx cannot be held responsible for any third parties who may use any contact information that you choose to publically display. Please do take time to consider whether or not you would like to display your contact details within your profile.

Database & Agency Contact

All MeBoxx profiles are stored on a central database. Once the volume of database entries is considered sufficient, the searchable database will be made available to (MeBoxx Ltd approved) registered agencies and agents to search for their talent requirements. All users of this searchable database service will first be subject to a registration process in order to illustrate that they are an established company and suitable to search for talent within the industry. It is expected that agents or agencies will contact the talent (you) directly as a result of a database search if you meet their search criteria. The agent or agency will additionally be offered a white label service where they can remove the MeBoxx branding from any chosen profile and replace with their own branding or logo in order for them to present you or any other selected talent to their own clients within their own style or theme.

Third Party Services

MeBoxx may contain links to other websites or "Third Party Services" which may post your information on other websites (including, but not limited to social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

If you choose to use a Third Party Service - they may use and share your data in accordance with their own privacy policy and your privacy settings on that service. You should always review the policies of Third Party Services and websites to make sure you are comfortable with the ways in which they use the information that you share with them.


A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive, or on your mobile device. As MeBoxx improves the website and services offered. Many new features may only be accessible when cookies are enabled. Cookies may also help us to remember your membership details and preferences. We suggest that your browser is set to accept cookies; we understand that you want to use our products and services. You can disable cookies at any time. To learn more about how to enable, edit, or disable cookies on your computer, please visit the website.